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If you clicked on - or typed - the Afreco website address you will have been directed here...

Unfortunately Afreco Tours is now closed for trading...but I might still be able to help point you in the direct direction if you need help or advice...

I personally ran Afreco Tours from March 2008 until the last booking in August 2019, having started the process between 2006 to 2008. I booked many, many people during this time on safari guide courses, wildlife photography courses & photographic safaris as well as conservation volunteering projects and many other wildlife based experiences in Southern Africa and also in East Africa. The formation of the business followed my own personal experience of booking on a South African based safari guide training course in 2003 which I then repeated again in 2006...the second time for an official FGASA level 1 safari guide qualification (which I obtained).

It was an experience that very much changed my life and the way I noticed the world around me. Particularly nature and wildlife everywhere I went and specifically in the British countryside. It made me realise how much there is to observe and that I didn't necessarily have to be in a remote part of Africa to experience nature and appreciate what was in front of me. At the time no other company was really offering a safari guide course or related "trip" as an experience and so I had the idea of starting my own travel based company that would tap into this market. It worked very well almost immediately and the trip types and destinations grew with the it too.

I was very passionate about what I was doing and was very proud to also be supporting conservation initiatives and anti-poaching measures. However, due to a perfect storm of events including technology changes, better website presence in Africa itself and a change in my personal circumstances, I no longer had the energy or the time to put my efforts into Afreco and give the company, my customers and the conservation group I was working with, the time that was needed and deserved. Having also recently decided to get involved in my family's long-term business, I decided that needed 100% focus and attention. Even more importantly at home - my wife - and now daughter - do not need me working every hour of every evening and every weekend to run the company and get the work done.

Why am I bothering to include this page? Because I still want to keep the legacy going and I am happy (if I can find the time) to help people looking for contacts or help relating to the wildlife courses and conservation experiences we were closely connected to.

I plan to add a little bit at a time to this section to include what Afreco was involved with...and of course there will be photos too.

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